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Hosting MooCloud

Cloud Hosting plans offer excellent performance with either fast SSD Storage or even faster NVMe SSD Storage, both of which include high-end security and support standards with no compromises on ease of use and intuitive design.

Premium E-Mail

We also offer email services which filter out 99% of spam and malware through Machine Learning techniques. Our 10-year archive guarantees an exceptional service and is easily paired to our innovative “Incremental Backup” snapshot technology, granting you well-deserved peace of mind.


MooCloud specializes in multi-platform technology and software ever since it was founded four years ago. We operate with both small, swift applications and immense custom solutions like EasyManager – the management software that lies behind MooCloud.

Enterprise Solutions

MooCloud offers business solutions for security, centralization, optimization, and infrastructure development for both SMEs and Enterprises. We have management and support solutions on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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Legendary Speed

Thanks to our multi-level cache based on Redis and advanced Nginx web server features, our servers can save your resources and increase your website’s speed.

Professional Help

Say goodbye to worries: our technical team is always ready to call you directly and help with anything you might need.

Proudly Swiss

Security, privacy, and efficiency are part of MooCloud’s DNA; our technicians and our servers are up to the task.

Extremely Simple

We designed a control panel specifically built to show all features at a glance; immediacy and ease of use were not compromised.

Modern Technology

Thanks to Docker Container technology, applications and individual software are isolated from one another. This ensures a high level of protection, allowing for updated, safe software.

Tailor-made Service

MooCloud offers high-end round-the-clock customizable services to meet all your business needs.

360° Support

Our team of technicians immediately responds to support tickets, guiding you towards the ideal solution in your own language.
If you don’t have time or haven’t had a chance to work on your site, you can easily book a team-backed intervention to make the necessary changes.

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