Dedicated Hosting Cloud 

With 100% SSD NVMe

The Dedicated Hosting Cloud  guarantees steady performances because all our server’s resources are reserved and never shared with other users, furthermore all our dedicated plans use NVMe drive that are much more efficient then SSD! For these reasons the Dedicated Hosting Cloud is much more efficient than the Shared Hosting Cloud.

Each of our dedicated plans offers excellent performances and complies all the suggested parameters by CMS and the e-commerce platforms like Joomla, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop. We created the L, XL and XXL plans that included a lot of RAM for who desires the best of responsiveness from their eshop or blog in conditions of high traffic, like for example during the Christmas sales or black Friday.

Every plan can be customized in every aspect and is always possible to switch to another plan with a simple click.

Optimized for WordPress

From the Cache to the version of PHP our servers are thought in order to host WordPress and not only.

Unlimited Sites

Even if MooCloud recommends a maximum of hosted sites on each Dedicated Hosting Cloud, it’s always possible to install how many you desire.

Cache that will make you scream!

MooCloud uses the best combination of softwares for cache that you can think of! On Shared servers are installed:

Nginx Cache:

this proxy server allows the acceleration of every static component of a web site, like images, CSS files and JavaScript.

Redis Cache:

this cache’s software quickens the requests to the database, decreasing a lot the required resources for it and drastically improve the loading times of every dinamic site’s page like WordPress.

Webuzo (optional)

On Cloud Servers it’s possible to install the Webuzo Free or Premium (+2.99 CHF) panel as a self-managed alternative for EasyManager (MooCloud’s control panel).


The user will be free to set up and manage independently the software, the cache, the databases and a lot more directly from Webuzo’s end-user panel.

Storage in SSD NVMe

SSD NVMe disks allow a reading speed 5 times faster then the normal SSD. Furthermore they allow to read and write more data at the same time, a fundamental feature for e-commerces.

SSL Gratis

Thanks to Let’s Encrypt, MooCloud offers a SSL certificate completely free, forever! This will keep safe you visitors, and will help you in the placement on Google. 

Dedicated Cache and Database

The server for the Shared Hosting Cloud are provided with:

• a dedicated database MariaDB  

• a dedicated Nginx Proxy-Server with cache’s function (a great variation to the classic Varnish);

• the excellent cache system Redis (considered the best compared to the classic Memcached).

For each web site or App is installed:

• a dedicated Nginx Web-Server to that specific site or app;

• PHP- FPM dedicated to that specific site or app.

Unlimited traffic

The incoming and outgoing traffic from the Hosting is unlimited, and it can use the redundant connection of 10Gbits of our infrastructure.

Exceeded the 20TBs in a month of outgoing traffic it will be invoiced 1.99 CHF each TB.

Discover all the technologies for speeding!

Do you need assistance for you choice?

Maybe you’ve heard that our after-sale assistance is extraordinary. If you have some doubts or you don’t exactly know which product is the most suited for your needs then contact our assistance now, we will know how to help you.