Virtual Private Server Technologies

Guaranteed Performance for Your Server

MooCloud’s VPS hosting is designed for websites and projects which require guaranteed resources. Every client will be given access to an entirely customized experience, both in terms of performance and in terms of management. You can go all the way up to a fully managed hosting, including maintenance and website changes.

MooCloud offers better performance compared to the competition because we constantly pay attention to innovations in technology, giving our customers the best possible service and acknowledging that your speed is our speed.

How We Optimize Our Websites

Hardware For Any Requirement

MooCloud constantly updates their servers by choosing the best-performing Intel Xeon E5 and E7 processors. These processors can handle up to 16 vCores (starting from 6), offering optimal performance even under stress. DDR4 RAM for every VPS.

SSD or Traditional HDD Drives

Website and database hosting are isolated to guarantee maximum security. Both are hosted on fast SSD storage (Plus versions). If you need more storage space or if you don’t need maximum speed, you can choose a traditional hard disk (Classic versions).

SSD storage disks are up to 5 times faster than traditional HDDs. If you need even stronger performance, we suggest choosing our Dedicated Cloud Hosting solution with our brand-new NVMe storage, a significantly superior choice compared to SSDs.

More Secure thanks to Docker Container

Every component of your website is isolated in our cloud through the innovative Docker Container technology that guarantees higher security measures without sacrificing performance and stability. Also, this technology allows us to keep all our server components updated without encountering incompatibilities.

Website Acceleration with Nginx Servers

Improve the speed of your website with the SEO-friendly servers used by YouTube and Instagram. The integrated cache and the static CSS/Image file acceleration improve your site’s response time.

Even Faster with Redis Cache

MooCloud accelerates database queries with Redis Cache in order to allow amazing response times on your website. This system was optimized to be faster and more efficient than traditional cache plugins.

Redis is used by Verizon, Vodafone, Atlassian, TripAdvisor, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Docker, and so on.

MooCloud servers support a wide range of programming languages: Go, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, […] to allow for infinite possibilities.

Thanks to Git support, you can pull and push directly from your own server.

It works with everything!

SSL Certificates Included

Websites which make use of HTTPS protocols are not only more secure but also easier to spot on search engines such as Google. Thanks to our free Let’s Encrypt certificates, users will be happy to know that they can browse your website safely. The certificates are installed automatically on your server!

MooCloud offers an easy-to-use certificate for every domain you buy.