Optimized for WordPress

More than 30% of all websites are built using WordPress, and the percentage is still growing. Its ease of use and practically infinite customization possibilities make it the ideal tool for taking your own ideas and translating them into projects on the web.

MooCloud further enhances your website thanks to WordPress server and Divi theme optimizations. If you build your website using WordPress, everything will be faster and more responsive. Since search engines reward faster load times, your website will benefit from a better ranking, on top of smooth navigation.

Unlock the full potential of WordPress and benefit from the simplicity of Divi Builder

Our Cloud and Dedicated Server plans include the revolutionary Divi Builder; the most popular website creation platform. Divi’s advanced visual editor lets you create unique websites and articles without ever writing a single line of code. With more than 50 layouts to choose from, Divi is a great way to quickly create a dynamic, appealing website.

Drag & Drop

With Divi Builder, organizing content has never been easier. Simply drag and drop! You can also reorganize your content with a bird-eye view.


Quickly insert images, text, buttons, and anything else you might think of. Build an intuitive website with Divi’s visual editor, available on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Modules to Create Anything

Divi comprises 46 different modules that you can mix and match in order to create anything you can imagine.


Divi is already equipped with more than 50 templates. These templates can be used to build your website in just a few minutes. Edit them, insert your own content, and you’re done! Easy.

Customize Everything

Thanks to Divi, every element can be highly customized in just a few quick steps. And even when Divi’s tools aren’t enough for you, you can simply add your own custom CSS.

Efficient Split Tests

With Divi Leads, you can easily create split tests for your entire landing pages (or parts of them) and benefit from in-depth statistics.

Divi offers different layouts for any requirement.

Divi is already equipped with more than 50 templates. These templates can be used to build your website in just a few minutes. You can edit them, insert your own content, and sure enough, you’re already done!

116 Layout Packs

More than 100 ready-to-use page sets with customizable animations.

867 Ready-to-use Layouts

More than 850 ready-to-use pages to easily customize – just like you imagined them.

Technologies to Enhance WordPress

MooCloud puts the most advanced technology at your disposal. You don’t have to be an IT or server expert; we thought of everything. Our drives are faster than traditional SSDs, and we support high-end Nginx features, with accelerated cache and everything you might desire.